Friday, November 28, 2008

What is Wrong WIth my country?

"Terrorism"... Not a word.. not an idea.. It is an entire CONCEPT.
Ever wondered why it still exists? Because the base of it lies buried under thousand tales and has not even been touched.
Imagine the degree of brainwashing involved in the process that, the youth that was supposed to work for the betterment of the world is ready to kill itself along with many others. Whao.
Look at situations, how the concept has magnified to such a level that things are strongly and steadily going out of control. Each incident take away with it hundreds of lives, the army men the police men , the public.. all die. Their existence is nullified in moments of a strange killing instinct. "Public awareness"... What is that? And how on earth do we will to execute it?.. Is the general public armed enough to fight these terrorists who know nothing else than to kill? Think, such huge attacks being executed.. not a matter of mere passion for killing, think about how much capital is involved. Who gives it to them? How do they get it? Top shots? How? Why? When?
So many questions.. I am only asking... but whom?
Think, Ashish Choudhary(actor) Spoke to a news channel expressing how he had come running to find out if his sister who was inside one of those hotels was alright. Next day he is called to a hospital to see his injured sister.He goes with half hope half despair. The girl was not his sister. Later he comes to know, his sister has been killed. Random shooting. Blind shooting. Whao. Think, The Greek Millionaire. Stayed put inside the hotel to taste Indian Curry,and wouldn't go in spite of hearing gun shots. Walks towards the resturant. Gets shot, and dies.

Think... A newly wed couple shot to death. Think... Children dead, parents dead, all dead. Think Sandeep Unnikrishnan died.

And politicians are showing their ego clashes by refusing to go to the place together. Whao.
And commandos are dying trying to save lives.Huh. And politicians are still "considering" the change of uniform. Whao.

Political will was required, rather still is. Ideological combat...? And place for real action?. Only meant for the fighters? And then they die? and Then their families are called for some ceremony? And then another terrorist attack? And then history repeats itself... And the empty drums that make so much noise on normal days... where are they now?.. Sleeping? or resting?? Whao.

India was supposed to be one country... No..? Somebody said something like.. "Unity in diversity".. thing... yes?? Or.. "Diversification and distancing in unity" ?? what was it..? or, "We shall never forget that we are individuals and wanna rest our asses on that "chair".. and watch a show.. an action movie.. ".. yeah..?