Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some thoughts that left me thinking

"It has to be the way it has always been.It is convention my girl.Convention.And we'd rather not think of changing it. It could bring upon curses."

Curses? What kind and what more? Is not it a curse enough to know what you could do and yet not do it, owing to some "convention" ? Who's fault is it? The elders say that the middle aged should continue with it. The middle aged say that the young should, and the young do it cause, elders told them to.And wherever individual thinking comes in any one of them, it is called being "unconventional" and hence, foul.
What is this system of marking things rotten and good? On what basis and criteria is it done?

And WHY is it done? Again convention? Why is not the convention sick and tired of itself then? And why is everybody obliged to do what people before them have done? and Why does i happen that people who walk off the beaten track are called "Intellectuals" if they have celebrity links, and "wrong doers" if they are commoners? And what is it to break the convention in the convetional way? Why not an unconventional breakthrough?

And what is this with the thinking of the beggars? Leaving a kid on the roadside fetches them more money? Is it so? People pity the tiny little things more? And give two coins more? Do they give books? Or any school admission form? Do they? Or do the parents of these kids even think that way? And what is with the kids who hurl curses upon anybody who gives nothing and passes by?

And what is it with the present day couples? One "love you" per minute is very "lovable" ? And when a break up happens then slangs are so cool? Hanging out together, fishing for compliments, giving gifts, saying a meaningless "I love you" every now and then. Real friends do more than this together.

Then there is this weird thing about hiding your age. What? Why can't you ask a woman her age? She would get older if you do so? Or would it decrease if you do not? She might be 55 but look 25 and may be that she is afraid tat you would know that. But anybody who can spell BOtox correctly yet hessitantly, ha used Botox. And is it some qualitative character of people to shout and scream when someone asks a girl her age? Often, the age reveals much more than just the wrinkles. And , maturity my friend, comes of the quality of time you have lived and not duration.Ask men. The know it cause they get to show it.

And why think about the Celebs so much. Why discuss their personal lives so very much? Why not stick to their performances just and enjoy them? What spice is there in the completely distasteful discussion of the bitchiness of any person who we have "known" and "understood" really very less of.

Then coming to personal levels. What makes you smile and happy today, how does it tend to nag and irritate you the moment it begins analysing you too?

Pecularity of the various aspects of so many things.

I have changed so much in the past three years. People call me an extrovert. And I barely remember having shared any part of my heart with most of them. say I am outspoken, and I do not remember a sngle person I have talked out my soul to.

Subdued, and very much within myself I am, and I know it. Various things from the past have made me think. Some thoughts have left me bewildered. And forever so much.

May be mundane to some very thoughtfull to some others, but somethings in my mind, do need to be vented out . :)